I have witnessed the steady transformation of the environment surrounding the Spring Run Trail with the turn of days and of the seasons. Returning sometimes three times in a day, I noted how the the landscape revealed distinctly different aspects every time I looked at it.  Winter days brought exceptional color and light at a time when I have always mistakenly believed that the world was dark and grey.  The lean, spare environment of February brought some of the most indulgent and vibrant color of the year.   Astonishingly, the dormant landscape became the most animated and engaging.

I return to the same wild rose bush, to the same tangle of branches, hundreds of times, and see it everlastingly new.  My paintings reflect the cumulative process that I have experienced.  I remain entranced by the evanescent interplay of light and form that renders the larger character of my encounter with the place and with time.  I dedicate this series of paintings to my brother, whose rare instincts and attentiveness have bid me patience to linger and savor the magic of the light.